We supply thousands of buyers top quality products around the world, providing excellent customer support.

Nortec Computers System is an empowered ICT company founded in 2011 with the sole purpose of delivering tailored and innovative IT and telecommunications solutions that helps organizations leverage technology, communications and people to:

Streamline business processes

Lower operational costs

Increase productivity

And ultimately win market share

Our aim is to deliver unparalleled customer service through building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and breakthrough innovation. We are extremely committed to delivering quality advice, sales and support to assist our clients to achieve the maximum from their I.T. investment. Our key skill areas are:

Sales of Laptops and Accessories

Desktops and General Computer Accessories

Supply of Office Equipment

Data Management and Recovery

Mobile Phones and Accessories

Networking and Supply of Network Accessories

ICT Consultancy Services

Why Choose Nortec Computers System?

Nortec Systems has been a long term trusted partner for clients in the Northern, upper East and Upper West regions of Ghana and beyond since 2011 working closely with our clients allows us to act in their best interest over the long term. Our dedicated staff have a combined experience of over 15 years and always ready to meet our client needs.

Our Mission

We at Nortec Computers System strive to empower our customers through the innovative application of ICT. Our goal is to be the preferred partner in the provision of ICT services and products. We aim to empower our employees so they can provide dazzling services and support by assisting our customers make the best I.T decisions and ultimately empowering our customers.

Our Vision

To provide a complete spectrum of I.T Solutions geared towards the specific needs of the business and thus improving the efficient use of technology of our clients. Through our customer-centric approach, we aim to improve the application of technology investments of our clients, by delivering quality advice, sales and support to assist our clients to achieve return from their I.T. investment.

Products & Services

Sales of Laptops, Desktops and Accessories

Nortec Computers imports and supply Laptops and Desktops of various brands such as Dell, Toshiba, Hp, Sony, Compaq, Acer, Asus and Apple. Depending on our customer needs, our world brand Laptops and Desktops are delivered in various specifications as Dual core, Quad core, Core i3, core i5 and Core i7 either AMD or Intel. Equipped with high end graphic cards, high Memories (RAM) and Larger Hard disk drives for better and more storage, our Laptops and Desktops are multi-functional and suitable for Gaming, Academia, Research, and Multi-media purposes.

Nortec Systems has also over the years demonstrated a lead in the provision of Laptops and Desktops accessories such as screens, batteries, hard disk drives, memories(RAM), keyboards, DVD-ROM Drives, Adapters, power cables, Mouse, and laptop bags. Making us the preferred partner in the supply of Laptops and Desktops and its components. What is Amazing about our retail of Laptops and Desktops as well as accessories is that we only do not sell the accessories; we fit it for our clients for free.

ICT Consultancy Services

Nortec Systems has extensive experience in the delivery of consulting services targeted at developing, promoting, stimulating and supporting clients in setting up and running their IT environment and information systems. As an indication, consulting services involve the following key domains:

  1. Project Management-Management of project resources, risk management, financial management, change, risk and configuration management. Software development cycle, elaboration and implementation of Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  2. Business Consultancy Services–Description of a business, definition of business strategies and policies, creation, improvement and maintenance of business processes, collection of business and user requirements, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), feasibility studies, vision documents and business case modelling.
  3. IS Security-Security studies, definition of security policies, security assessments and risk analysis of operational environments Enterprise Architecture-Analysis of portfolio of information systems, analysis of organizational structures, development and enhancement of IS architecture, assessments of architecture maturity and data flow analyses.
  4. IT Training-Provision of training on specific tools, methodologies and practices including Microsoft windows, Microsoft Office, Minitab, SAS, Stata, SPSS. Also, provision of training on setting up and operation of IT environments and systems

General Computer Accessories

Nortec offers all computer accessories such as speakers, pendrives, memories cards, voice recorders, UPS devices (APC, Mercury, and Akai), Digital cameras, computer cables and cable adapters, headphones, gamepads, external hard drives, web cams , cctv cameras and DVR’s , and many more.

Networking and Supply of Network Accessories

We undertake networking both wired and wireless; LAN, WAN, Remote CCTV Monitoring. In Stock also are Wireless and 3G/4G Routers, Switches, Racks (Network Cabinets such as 4U, 6U, 9U,12U,15U,18U etc), modems, Patch panels, network cables (Cat 5, cat6 and cat7), crimping tools , network testers, punch down tools , wall plates ,RJ-45’s Nano stations, bridges , Ncomputing devices, sector antenna’s and many more.

Supply of Office Equipment

Cooperate institutions often rely on us for all their office equipment. We have in stock printers, photocopiers, swivel chairs, office tables, cabinets. We sell, help you deliver it and we assembly it.

Mobile Phones and Accessories

World class mobile phones such as iPhone, Samsung, infinix, Techno, Itel, HTC are also available at Nortec Computers. Mobile accessories as Phone memory cards, chargers, screen protectors, cover, phone batteries are also at Nortec Systems.

Our Customers

Nortec Computers System customers include small to large-sized private sector companies and public sector organizations where business technology plays a critical role in improving efficiencies and enhancing revenue creation. Industries of focus include:

  • Government administration
  • Financial services
  • Telecommunications
  • Supply chain management
  • Retail and Individuals

Among the many companies Nortec Systems have rendered services to include; World Vision Ghana, USAID Ring, USAID Spring, GDCA, Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB),National Health Insurance, Some District Assemblies such as Tolon, Savelugu and many more.


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